wpa_cli signal level

Tamas Selmeci tselmeci
Tue Feb 24 01:40:30 PST 2009


Just a short question: in wpa_cli, after the SCAN command the 
SCAN_RESULTS lists the results. I'd be interested in the "meaning" of 
the "signal level" column. What is its range? 0-255?

Signal quality/level information on the same AP:
1) iwlist wlan0 scan: Quality=88/100  Signal level:-55 dBm
2) wpa_cli result: 201

My interpretation:
1) this is considered to be 88% (or not?);
2) if the range is 0-255, then this is 79%;

Am I doing something wrong? I'd like to print a scale from 0-100% 
according to signal level of the selected AP. How to get relevant 
results with wpa_cli?

Many thanks,

Tamas Selmeci
R&D Engineer

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