hostapd-0.6.8 + madwifi + bridge + WPA-PSK

Michael Voorhaen michael.voorhaen
Sun Feb 22 22:10:36 PST 2009

I was thinking it would be something like this. I'm guessing this  
commit is already in 0.6.8, and since its a change in the nl80211  
driver it should have nothing to do with my madwifi problem. It is  
strange that I have exactly the same behaviour with the madwifi  
driver. Perhaps I should dive into the code.

I notice that in driver_madwifi.c there is a goto bad statement after  
the "Configure bridge %s for EAPOL traffic." debug statement, which  
could mean that the interfacing with madwifi could go wrong and not be  


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On 23 Feb 2009, at 01:44, John Klehm wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Michael Voorhaen
> <michael.voorhaen at> wrote:
> > I have just been browsing the archives and found this post that
> > describes exactly the same problem:
> >
> >
> >
> > Then there is an answer in the next mail in the thread and i quote:
> > "You need eaaab2bd98b0b08f1ff77303a0f142af029884a6." What does this
> > mean is it a revision from the cvs/svn you are using? I get the
> > impression that someone fixed this, but I don't see how :D.
> >
> That gibberish is the cryptographic fingerprint of the code diff that
> git uses to track the change.  The link I posted is the web interface
> to hostapd's git  with the commit in question.
> Hope this helps,
> --John Klehm

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