Use hostapd to set master mode?

Grant emailgrant
Sun Feb 22 17:30:32 PST 2009

>> >> i am plumbing to get an AP with hostapd and nl80211 working too, in my
>> >> case with driver p54_pci.
>> >> in order to get an interface in master mode, i have to use
>> >> # iw phy phy0 interface add myap type __ap
>> >> this gets me a seperate virtual interface that i can then use with
>> >> hostapd.
>> > No you can do this much easier..
>> > just load the driver and run hostapd.
>> > (Of course you have to set interface=wlan0 (depends on your setup) in hostapd.conf before)
>> Thanks to Ahmad, my interface will go into master mode after another
>> kernel patch, but I'm getting a new
>> error.  Depending on the channel I set in hostapd.conf, I get either:
>> "ioctl[SIOCSIFFLAGS]: Operation not permitted"
>> or:
>> "could not set channel for kernel driver"
>> and hostapd fails to start.  Do you know how to fix this?
> looks like you need to install CRDA
> If your distribution hasn't picked it up already, you can get it from here:
> Then you have to set the right country_code= in hostapd.conf
> And it should work.

Thanks, I did that but I get the same results.

- Grant

> Regards,
>        Chr

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