Use hostapd to set master mode?

Christian Lamparter chunkeey
Sat Feb 21 15:56:37 PST 2009

> > What version kernel do you have?  nl80211 requires a pretty recent one.
> I'm on 2.6.28.  I've read that should do it but it doesn't seem to.  Any ideas?
where? As far as I know, ath__9k__ does, but not ath__5k__ .
According to their wiki site @ the AP mode needs more testing,
before it will be available for the masses. 

Besides, I don't recommend anything less than 2.6.29 (yes, it's still in -rc...) for an AP,
as the network core has been modified in order to support retransmission mechanism for sleeping stations...
This is also the very reason why compat-wireless isn't a option, as it can only provide the mac80211 stack
and device drivers....


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