hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new stable release v0.6.8

Jouni Malinen j
Sun Feb 15 10:46:41 PST 2009

New versions of wpa_supplicant and hostapd were just
released and are now available from

This release moves 0.6.x branch from development to stable status. In
other words, from now on, 0.6.x versions are the latest available
stable releases. 0.5.x branch continues to be supported, but it is
moving more towards only including critical fixes. 0.4.x and 0.3.x
branches have reached end-of-life and no new releases are expected
from those branches. Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 0.5.11
or 0.6.8 if they are still using 0.3.x or 0.4.x versions.

0.6.x development is in its own Git tree (hostap-06.git) and hostap.git
continues to be the place for main development and for eventual 0.7.x

Below are the change logs from 0.6.7. More detailed lists of changes
in older 0.6.x versions are included in the ChangeLog files in the
source code packages.

* increased hostapd_cli ping interval to 5 seconds and made this
  configurable with a new command line options (-G<seconds>)
* driver_nl80211: use Linux socket filter to improve performance
* added support for external Registrars with WPS (UPnP transport)

* increased wpa_cli ping interval to 5 seconds and made this
  configurable with a new command line options (-G<seconds>)
* fixed scan buffer processing with WEXT to handle up to 65535
  byte result buffer (previously, limited to 32768 bytes)

git-shortlog for 0.6.7 -> 0.6.8:

Alan T. DeKok (1):
      Create os_daemon for OS X, as it's now deprecated (Leopard)

Andriy Tkachuk (1):
      WPS: Set correct Device Password ID in M2

Dan Williams (2):
      driver_wext: Add IW_ENCODE_TEMP into SIOCSIWENCODE{,EXT} calls
      wext: really disassociate (set random SSID)

Daniel Mierswa (4):
      Explicitly link against libdl when including TNC support
      Include wpabuf.o in wpa_priv build
      Allow the privsep driver to pass the set_country to the real driver
      Improved 'make install' (use BINDIR/LIBDIR, install shared objects)

Helmut Schaa (3):
      Fix a segfault in wpa_supplicant_deinit
      Send a dbus reply only if requested by the caller
      Use signal quality if level is not available for comparing max rates

Jeremy C. Reed (1):
      Allow driver_bsd.c to be built for NetBSD

Johannes Berg (1):
      driver_nl80211: use Linux socket filter to improve performance

Jouke Witteveen (2):
      Better support in RoboSwitch driver
      Better support in RoboSwitch driver

Jouni Malinen (87):
      Moved documentation from developer.txt into source code files
      Mark shared secret const in RADIUS client routines
      Replaced printf() with wpa_printf()
      Fixed a typo in a comment
      Include SIM simular for EAP-SIM in Windows build
      Replaced printf() calls with wpa_printf()
      Fixed build with wpa_printf disabled
      Fixed a typo in printf -> wpa_printf changes
      Fixed copy-paste error in retry configuration (incorrect ioctl used)
      Removed dead code
      eapol_test: Allow generated RADIUS attributes to be replaced
      Added an option to add (or override) Credential attribute(s) in M8
      Save and restore wpa_gui state when session manager restarts the app
      Changed the Network Index value to 1 since that is the default value
      Fixed WPS credential conversion to wpa_supplicant configuration
      WPS: Ignore credentials for unsupported authentication type
      WPS: Provide the unparsed Credential attribute to cred_cb()
      WPS: Add configurable option for processing credentials externally
      Fixed MFP Association Comeback mechanism to use Timeout Interval IE
      Sync nl80211_copy.h with wireless-testing.git linux/nl80211.h
      Implement set_probe_req_ie() for nl80211 drivers
      Increased wpa_cli/hostapd_cli ping interval and made it configurable
      Changed Credential MAC Address to be BSSID in AP/Registrar
      Added CONFIG_NO_STDOUT_DEBUG for hostapd
      Added CONFIG_NO_AES_EXTRAS for hostapd
      Remove TLS-PRF from hostapd build if it is not needed
      Enable wpa_msg() for hostapd
      Added wps_cred_processing configuration option for hostapd
      WPS: Added option to disable AP auto-config on first registration
      Fixed WPS with open and shared WEP networks
      Documented interface for external WPS credential processing
      WPS: Pad DH Public Key and Shared Key to 192 octets
      Allow WPS device strings to be unconfigured
      Allow WPS APs for PIN enrollment even without Selected Registrar
      Add an EAPOL payload length workaround for a WPS implementation
      Free extra_cred when freeing configuration
      Added ap_settings option for overriding WPS AP Settings in M7
      WPS: Lock AP Setup on multiple AP PIN validation failures
      WPS: Add a workaround for incorrect passphrase encoding in Network Key
      Do not forget wpa_passphrase so that WPS can use it
      driver_nl80211: Fixed inactivity poll status processing
      Use Data::Data only with Host AP driver; mac80211 can use Data::Nullfunc
      Fixed WPS Authenticator attribute processing after M2D
      WPS: Add support for external Registrars using UPnP transport
      Added notes about WPS UPnP support and external Registrars
      Do not use country_code default (was: US)
      Add comments on the new Broadcom driver not using driver_broadcom.c
      Remove orphaned wpa_cli control socket on EADDRINUSE
      wpa_gui-qt4: Disable WPS tab in the same way as the menu item
      UPnP: Minor coding style cleanup
      Verify that driver supports configured HT capabilities
      Add CONFIG_DRIVER_NL80211 and clarify client MLME limitations
      Fixed scan buffer increasing with WEXT
      Cleaned up printf format warnings on 64-bit build
      Add crypto_mod_exp() for GnuTLS (libgcrypt)
      Added CONFIG_WPS_UPNP for wpa_supplicant tests
      UPnP: Removed shadowed variable
      WPS: Moved Version attribute validation into a shared function
      WPS: Allow minor version differences in Version attribute check
      UPnP: Workaround bogus NewWLANEventMAC in PutWLANResponse
      WPS UPnP: Add IP address and port details into debug messages
      WPS UPnP: Added support for multiple external Registrars
      UPnP: Renamed PutWLANResponse callback function to match action
      Removed CONFIG_EAP_WSC=dyn option
      Removed printf size_t format warning on 64-bit
      Fix privsep build with CONFIG_CLIENT_MLME=y
      Add crypto_cipher_{init,encrypt,decrypt,deinit} for GnuTLS
      Avoid memory leak on error path in crypto_cipher_init()
      Fix MinGW build with CONFIG_EAP_TNC=y
      Use os_strlcpy instead of os_strncpy when copying ifname
      Use larger buffer for TLS encryption to avoid issues with GnuTLS
      wext: Force disconnect on deauthenticate()
      Fixed a copy-paste error in a function documentation
      Fix test-sha256 build
      EAP-AKA': Verify that AMF separation bit is set
      Add another Milenage test set that is suitable for EAP-AKA'
      Removed an obsolete comment about use of external program for EAP
      Sync nl80211.h with the current wireless-testing version
      nl80211: Replace SIOCSIWSCAN with NL80211_CMD_TRIGGER_SCAN
      nl80211: Replace SIOCGIWSCAN with NL80211_CMD_GET_SCAN
      nl80211: Replace WEXT scan event with nl80211
      nl80211: Remove one second sleep after iface up
      Add debug prints for couple of new EAP-AKA' attributes
      Check EAP-AKA' AT_KDF duplication only if KDF was negotiated
      Do not try session resumption after EAP failure
      Update nmake.mak to match with current files
      Preparations for v0.6.8 release

Kel Modderman (1):
      wpa_gui-qt4: silence compile warning + wpsTab enable/disable

Masashi Honma (5):
      WPS: Check Device Password ID attribute only if present in AP search
      Use WPS state Not Configured instead of Configured in Enrollee
      Setting probe request ie with madwifi driver
      WPS: Set correct Selected Registrar Config Methods attribute
      WPS: Fix clearing of WPS IE with madwifi driver

Pavel Roskin (2):
      Use better examples for MadWifi path in defconfig, clarify comments
      Fix building dynamic EAP peer modules

Sebastien Decugis (1):
      Remove unused variable from struct hostapd_config

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