recommended usb wireless card?

Nagyon Almos b17
Sat Feb 7 05:15:17 PST 2009


I would like to use hostapd to share my internet access
but I cannot manage to get it work with my current wireless card.
  If this is not the place to ask a question like this, then
I am sorry. So my question is:
  Do you know/have experience with a wireless card that
* works with hostapd
* can be used to share the internet,
that is, (AFAIK) works in Master mode with WPA encryption
* needs minimal hacking under Intrepid (hostapd compilation
is ok, but kernel patching is not really)
* USB ?

  What do you recommend? If you have such a card, then please tell me 
the full name of it, and how you got it to work.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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