AAA and future Diameter support, questions

Alan DeKok aland
Tue Feb 3 02:02:39 PST 2009

Jouni Malinen wrote:
>> - Do you have any comment about the proposed design for Diameter handling?
> I would need to better understand what are the reasons for an external
> process.

  Diameter is... huge.  It seems to me that separating the two this way
means minimal changes to hostapd.

> In general, I would prefer to do this within hostapd process,
> but if there is justification for doing something with an external
> process, that can be a valid design, too. Anyway, making the AAA ops
> design easier to replace in hostapd certainly makes it easier to add
> this type of mechanism and/or other Diameter implementation, if desired.

  My one concern would be the "hostapd" transport that is used over this
pipe.  It will be a new protocol, which will require maintenance,
versioning, etc.

  It might be simpler just to use <cough> RADIUS as the transport.  It's
known to work to transport EAP.  If the aren't many *more* requirements
for this effort, RADIUS would seem to be a natural fit.

  Alan DeKok.

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