Switching from WPA to WPA2

Grant emailgrant
Sun Feb 1 13:27:16 PST 2009

>> I'm running hostapd and WPA with a long and random password.  Would it
>> be beneficial to switch to WPA2?  Is WPA2 encryption harder to break?
> Depends on what you mean with "WPA" and "WPA2". If by WPA you mean that
> TKIP is enabled, then yes, it would be must more secure to switch to
> WPA2. If only CCMP is enabled and you are just talking about difference
> between WPA and WPA2/RSN for 4-way handshake, then there is not really
> much difference as far as security is concerned.
>> If so, what is the quickest way to switch?
> rsn_pairwise=CCMP
> wpa=2

I appear to be running TKIP so I changed the above settings, although
I have 'wpa_pairwise' on hostapd-0.5.10 instead of 'rsn_pairwise'.  I
also noticed I have 'wpa_key_mgmt=WPA-PSK' set.  I can't connect to
the AP in its new configuration.  Here is wpa_supplicant.conf on the


Am I configuring the client incorrectly, or could it be the server?

- Grant

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