Issues with new D-Bus API

Marcel Holtmann marcel
Thu Dec 31 02:50:21 PST 2009

Hi Witold,

> 10) All BSSs properties at once.
> As you proposed earlier, a method returning a dict with BSS objects and
> its properties would be quite useful for clients connecting to running
> wpa_supplicant. I'm not sure if DBus allows to make dictionaries with
> other keys than strings. In case it doesn't, we can store object paths
> as strings in dictionary keys or we can return an array of structs
> (pairs) like a(oa{sv}). Similar methods would be useful for networks and
>  interfaces.

I did misunderstood this earlier. Yes you can use an object path as a
key for a dict. So something like a{ov} with the v being a{sv}. In
theory you can even do a{oa{sv}} directl, but wrapping the second dict
into a variant container is bit more cleaner.



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