How to handle multiple SSIDs with the same BSS

Marcel Holtmann marcel
Wed Dec 30 14:21:52 PST 2009

Hi Jouni,

> > so networks configured via a configuration file get also exported via
> > D-Bus right now?
> Yes.

okay, then we might need an extra way to tell them apart. Especially
since via D-Bus could modify them later on. And it would be nice to know
if these changes are stored back to the configuration file or not.

> > The D-Bus connection is shared on a per process basis and that is on
> > purpose. Otherwise it gets pretty nasty on the bus itself.
> > 
> > So best would be to have a common message handler function and then
> > depending on the destination service, dispatch it.
> OK. I started working on common dbus code that both the old and new
> interface share. This compiles, but I have not yet run any tests on it.
> Anyway, this looks quite straightforward, so I would hope to get this
> into working condition in the near future.

I can try to break your new code if you like :)

> I did find a memory leak that was triggered by the new D-Bus code in
> when getting network properties. Anyway, I don't know whether this could
> have been severe enough to eat gigabytes of memory.. Well, maybe if you
> were running an infinite loop of Get/GetAll properties on the Network
> interface.

I was doing a lot of GetAll calls on various interfaces. And actually
never restarting wpa_supplicant. So over time this could have been
accumulated into being noticeable. I am currently just looking for the
behavior and correctness of the new D-Bus interface.



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