Questions about WPS

Witold Sowa witold.sowa
Wed Dec 30 08:52:41 PST 2009

Marcel Holtmann pisze:
>>> What is actually the clients job when it comes to credentials? Do we
>>> have to remember them? How does this work with reboots and automatic
>>> reconnects?
>> Depends on what you mean with "client" ;-). wpa_supplicant does have
>> internal mechanism for keeping the configuration file up-to-date
>> (though, disabled by default). However, if you are using wpa_supplicant
>> with D-Bus and not really configuring any networks through the
>> configuration, yes, you would need to process the credentials and
>> remember them. In other words, this would be just another mechanism for
>> adding a new network configuration into whatever component is
>> maintaining the list of configured networks on the system.
> I am talking about clients talking to wpa_supplicant via D-Bus and then
> using WPS. I am little bit confused about the "ProcessCredentials"
> property. Does this actually make sense for a D-Bus client?
Yes, it does. With ProcessCredentials set to False, a DBus client will
receive credentials and that's all. Basing this credentials the client
can set network parameters, etc. With ProcessCredentials set to True,
wpa_supplicant will additionally process and apply received credentials
to current network or add new network if no current is selected. This
settings can be stored then in config file if any used. In DBus-only
(just -u cmd option) configuration ProcessCredentials determines only
automatic applying or not applying received credentials.


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