Questions about WPS

Jouni Malinen j
Wed Dec 30 01:16:11 PST 2009

On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 10:03:06PM -0800, Marcel Holtmann wrote:

> Does WPS suppose to support access points that are configured with WEP?

In theory, yes, but in practice, you would probably be better off
ignoring it and just assuming it does not..

> I have seen some APs with WEP encryption enabled and still containing
> the WPS IE in its scan results. Seems the IE is cut down to version
> details only, but never less the IE is present.

There are known interoperability issues with the way WPS with WEP
encryption is implemented (or not implemented at all).

> Will WPS work also with IEEE 802.1x / EAP? Or is it just PSK key
> management only. So is WPS a WPA-Personal only feature or would it also
> apply to WPA-Enterprise?

Again, in theory, WPA-Enterprise could be supported. However, I'm not
aware of anyone implementing support for it and as such, I would suggest
assuming that you can only use WPS to configure WPA/WPA2-Personal (and
open networks for that matter, if you really want to use WPS for it).

> What is actually the clients job when it comes to credentials? Do we
> have to remember them? How does this work with reboots and automatic
> reconnects?

Depends on what you mean with "client" ;-). wpa_supplicant does have
internal mechanism for keeping the configuration file up-to-date
(though, disabled by default). However, if you are using wpa_supplicant
with D-Bus and not really configuring any networks through the
configuration, yes, you would need to process the credentials and
remember them. In other words, this would be just another mechanism for
adding a new network configuration into whatever component is
maintaining the list of configured networks on the system.

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