How to handle multiple SSIDs with the same BSS

Marcel Holtmann marcel
Tue Dec 29 14:40:53 PST 2009

Hi Jouni,

> > there is a memory leak somewhere. I have been pondering the D-Bus
> > interface for two days now. And at some point my laptop with 3GB RAM
> > went into serious swapping mode. Killing wpa_supplicant from the console
> > brought it back to life. I haven't had time to track this down yet.
> Have you been able to reproduce this? It looks like both libdbus-1 and
> libxml2 are doing some internally memory allocations which I have not
> found any way of freeing, so valgrind shows about 28 kB or so being
> reachable when wpa_supplicant is killed. Anyway, this did not seem to go
> up with simple D-Bus API use and is obviously not even remotely enough
> to any swapping issues by itself..

I was using a running instance of wpa_supplicant for over two days and
pondering like crazy on the D-Bus interface. I am currently testing the
new D-Bus interface extensively.

So far I haven't reproduced it yet. I also have no idea how I got into
this situation. Will keep an eye on it.



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