'SET_NETWORK 0 psk "1234567890"' command timed out

root belle.shi
Mon Dec 28 20:13:20 PST 2009

dear all:
    last time i asked a question "what makes the such format of network
block of wpa_suppliant.conf"
    and Jouni Malinen wrote:
>    It looks like you have configured wpa_supplicant to update its
>configuration file (update_config=1) based on dynamic changes. If you
>select a particular network (e.g., with wpa_cli select_network command
>or wpa_gui), all the other networks will be disabled to force the
>specified network to be used. This will also affect the configuration
>file when update_config=1 is used.

    i indeed used the update_config=1 in the configuration file, i need
 the wpa_suppliant processes the configuration file by itself, and when
 i got the reply form Jouni Malinen, i couldn't understand the means of
 "select a particular network (e.g., with wpa_cli select_network command
>or wpa_gui)"until i found the reason(i thought:)) is:
 when the wpa_gui to write the command
    'SET_NETWORK 0 group TKIP CCMP WEP104 WEP40' command timed out.
    'SET_NETWORK 0 psk "1234567890"' command timed out
and then when do the selection, the configuration file is wrong(write
 the network block only have disabled=1)
    i read the code of wpa_suppliant,i found the function 
 wpa_ctrl_request sent a command,and then to wait the reply, in my
 thoughts,the  SET_NETWORK commands is only to tell the wpa_suppliant to
 write the configuration file, but why it can make time out? is it
 associated with the driver? is it the timeout is made by the driver?
     i want to know the association among the  SET_NETWORK commands
and the wpa_suppliant and the driver? thank you?
     or i must to write the wpa_suppliant configuration file by myself
 to  avoid the network block with only content of disabled =1?
     thanks again

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