how wpa_suppliant processes the chinese characters

root belle.shi
Mon Dec 28 00:23:26 PST 2009

> The main problem with non-ASCII characters in SSIDs is that there is no
> standard on how those characters are encoded. In theory, one could use
> UTF-8 and hope for the best, but there will likely always be some
> applications that will not be able to show the characters correctly.

  yes, i agree with you, but although there is no standard, i think the
wpa_gui should support one encoding,and also as you said, it is UTF-8.  

> Which encoding are you you using for Chinese characters in the SSID?
> Could you please send me a hex dump of an SSID that you would like to
> see in wpa_gui?

 in china, lots of people work in Windows's XP,and the XP uses the
 default encoding GB2312(which is included by GB18030) for chinese     
 character, but in linux, we use the UTF-8. but it does't matter, in
 the linux, there is command "iconv", it can convert the gb2312 to
 UTF-8("iconv -f GB2312 -t utf-8 text.txt > text-utf-8.txt"),so if we
 can get the code of how it do the convert then it can show two kinds
 of encoding.

 for example: the words:"my company"in chinese is four characters:
 and in gb2312 its ced2 b5c4 b9ab cbbe

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