Problem with BSS properties

Witold Sowa witold.sowa
Fri Dec 25 16:20:31 PST 2009

Marcel Holtmann pisze:
> Hi Dan,
>>> so I am heavily toying with the new D-Bus API right now and I found some
>>> weird behavior with within the BSS interface. So basically every BSS
>>> object contains one property with the name "Properties". That is just
>>> stupid and I hope it is just a bug.
>>> We should actually put the BSS properties as real properties of the BSS
>>> interface. Then the PropertiesChanged signal could be doing something
>>> meaningful and actually indicate signal strength changes etc.
>> I think that's what the spec from last summer originally had actually;
>> maybe the implementation just got mixed up.  I see that I perhaps didn't
>> make the spec completely clear:
>> O: /fi/w1.wpa_supplicant1/Interfaces/<interface_number>/BSSs/<BSSID>
>> I: fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1.Interface.BSS
>> P: <BSS properties - identical to old API BSSID properties> (read-only)
>> But yeah, each BSSID property should just be exposed as a property of
>> the object instead of a "Properties" property as a dict as you say.
> this is how I remember and also understood the specification. I am
> almost done with a patch to fix this. However I will be off for the rest
> of the day so I will not be able to finish it until later tomorrow.
> I am planning to add "Mode" (string) and "Privacy" (boolean) properties
> that can be used instead of manually decoding the capabilities. Actually
> exposing the raw capabilities of a BSS is pretty much pointless from my
> point of view.
I think that instead "Mode" (string), "Adhoc" (boolean) would be better,
but thats fine for me to remove capabilities property.

> The other thing are the quality and noise properties. Do you still want
> these? Or can we just go for a signal property showing the dBm value
> like iw scan does. I don't see any extra value in keeping deprecated
> values in the new API.
> Do you think a "Display" or "Name" property showing the SSID in
> converted UTF-8 would be useful. Or should the clients do that
> translation?
That would be a kind of redundancy since we still need SSID property. I
would left translation for clients like NM.


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