WPA supplicant in adhoc mode

LAMBA Jaideep Jaideep.Lamba
Wed Dec 23 09:49:12 PST 2009

>> So does that mean I cannot use wpa_supplicant in adhoc mode for WPA 
>> security ?? What are my options for security in Adhoc mode ?
>The current development branch (0.7.x) has experimental code for RSN
IBSS (i.e., more proper use of 4-way handshake and key setup as was
specified in IEEE 802.11i-2004). However, I don't
>think there is any driver available that would work properly with this
now. mac80211-based drivers may get quite close to working, but they do
not yet support multiple per-device group keys which >is needed for RSN
IBSS. This may eventually provide the functionality you are looking for,
but at the moment, you are much more likely to get working results by
making one of your device an AP 
>instead of using IBSS.
So this would mean there would be a central point of failure in my
network and wont be able to have a system where any node can come and
join/leave the network without affecting the complete network.
I would give 7.X a try with madwifi trunk and see how far I can go. I
probably don't need multiple per-device group keys and such as every
node in my network would have the same keys. I probably need supplicant
mainly to initiate/maintain the crypto for my wifi traffic then anything


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