architecture for interfacing with wpa_supplicant

Christian Scheid cxscheid
Tue Dec 15 10:41:07 PST 2009


we would like to develop an interface between a C-based control program that
interfaces directly with the device drivers of a network device and the wpa
supplicant which would run as a service. This implementation would use
EAP-TLS and EAP-TTLS. I would like to ask for a recommendation on the
suggested architecture since I don't have much experience with the

My first question is about the interface to the device. In our architecture,
the control program already interfaces with the device driver, listens for
EAP packages, and can process them. I know the supplicant can be extended to
directly interface with the driver. Should I forward EAP packages from the
control program to/from the supplicant, or write an adapter to the
wpa_supplicant that reads/sends packages to the device driver directly? In
this second option how would I implement a notification mechanism to the
control program to report the EAP status?

My second question is about customization points to the wpa_supplicant for
the proposed architecture. So for example if the recommended architecture is
to write a device adapter for the supplicant, which files/functions should I
modify (or should I just use other device adapters as a sample)? And in this
architecture which files/functions should I modify to report status to the
secondary control program?

I appreciate any comments on this topic!

Thanks in advance!

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