[eap_psk] Which is the main program calling the registration, key verification functions?

Razvan Paun razvan.alex.p
Fri Aug 7 08:00:28 PDT 2009


I'm trying to find out which is the main program that is calling the
authentication functions at registration.

I've seen that we have get_psk() which is called by eap_psk_key_setup() in
eap_psk_common.c. Then eap_psk_key_setup() is called by eap_psk_init() which
is called by eap_peer_psk_register(), both in eap_psk.c. This is where I
lost track, could you tell me which is the main program that calls the
registration, key verification functions or where is eap_peer_psk_register()
called? I would like to make some modifications at that level.

Thanks for your help, I'm new to this.
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