New WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) patch

Andriy Tkachuk andriy.tkachuk
Mon Sep 22 04:38:02 PDT 2008

On 2008-09-03 21:15, Chuck Tuffli wrote:
> I have uploaded the latest patch against 0.5.10 that includes support
> for external registrars and cleans up some other bugs I found during
> testing.

Chuck, could you please elaborate what special support in Enrollee is 
needed in order to work with external registrars?

> - Modify BSS selection to account for AP/Registrars that don't set the
> Selected Registrar element until after a WPS configuration attempt. This
> helps with external registrars

Is it this one? If so, could you please explain the problem a bit more?

Thank you.


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