Can hostap&madwifi support several bcast keys of one AP?

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Thu Sep 18 22:47:14 PDT 2008

Hi, all
I deployed hostap and madwifi on my wireless network.
And there are 2 questions i am confused:
1.Can AP or VAP(both with only one ssid) have serveral
broadcast domain, and each domains are encrypted by
different bcast keys?

  vlan1   vlan2
     \      /
      \    /
       \  /
       /| \
      / |  \
     A  B   C

That is: A B are in vlan1(or bcast domain1), C is in 
vlan2(bcast domain2). Does AP(with only ONE ssid) can
encrypt these different bcast domain by differnet
bcast keys?
If hostap does, can madwifi support this?

2.I read the hostap's source and find function:
The funcions: vlan_setup_encryption_dyn and 
wpa_auth_sta_set_vlan are able to set different keys
to different vlans?
When A B are in vlan1, they will have bcast key1,
while C is in vlan2 it will has bcast key2.

If 1 and 2 are realized by hostap, does this function
(different bcast domian or vlan has differnet b cast
keys) have to be connected with radius auth?
Should i call the function "ap_sta_bind_vlan" 
somewhere instead of configuration radius server?

That's all.
Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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