Why the capabilities not added while generating the wpa_ie

Dan Williams dcbw
Mon Sep 15 06:48:18 PDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-09-15 at 14:29 +0530, Kiran Kulkarni wrote:
> I wanted to ask whether the wpa_ie obtaing from the scanResults bssid 
> "properties"
> method on the DBus API is generated from the wpa_gen_wpa_ie or which is 
> given by the drive.

It is passed through from the driver.  It should be the exact same data
that the driver returns to the supplicant when parsing the scan results
through the .get_scan_results or .get_scan_results2 hooks.

> Also If it is generated from the wpa_gen_wpa_ie then why capabilities 
> are not added...

It shouldn't ever be generated in the supplicant, from a quick look at
all the drivers, the IEs get copied directly into the struct
wpa_scan_res that the supplicant uses internally.

> A comment in the code says
> /* WPA Capabilities; use defaults, so no need to include it */
> So what is the significance of the capabilities...

What capabilities are you looking for?  Are you talking about the AP
capabilities (privacy, qos, short slot, etc) or something else?


> Also The parsing handled PreAuth only,
> what are the other capabilities.
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