about /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/wsc_button?

cyx cyx
Wed Sep 10 22:56:18 PDT 2008

But I can't still find out which pieces code makes the file /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/wsc_button :(


????Chuck Tuffli
?????2008-09-11 12:14:11
????cyx; hostap
???RE: about /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/wsc_button?

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> Subject: about /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/wsc_button?
> Hi,all
> 	Who exports the file, /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/wsc_button?
> 	Why I get a ramdom number when I read it?
> 	How to use it?

I don't know anything about it, but will take a guess anyway :)

WPS was originally named WiFi Simple Config (WSC). So in this context, I
would guess this is a control for PBC. If so, you are probably supposed
to write to it, not read from it. Something like "echo 1 >
/proc/sys/dev/wifi0/wsc_button" to start push button config. But again,
this is just a guess.


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