New WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) patch

Chuck Tuffli CTuffli
Thu Sep 4 08:14:25 PDT 2008

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> Chuck, BTW - does your code inherits something from original 
> Jouni's WPS code (which can be found now at 
> git://

No, I didn't download either Jouni's WPS code or that contributed by two
other companies (Atheros and Marvell IIRC). Since you re-posted the
code, I have been considering whether to look at it or not. On the pro
side of this argument, it seems silly for there to be two overlapping
implementations and I think it would be best to merge what I have into
his. But on the con side, his code originally got yanked over legal
concerns and I would hate to contribute to that headache. Jouni, can you
comment on the status of this code?


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