New WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) patch

Chuck Tuffli CTuffli
Wed Sep 3 11:15:00 PDT 2008

I have uploaded the latest patch against 0.5.10 that includes support
for external registrars and cleans up some other bugs I found during
testing. Changes include

- Fixed patch to build with or without WPS
- Include WPS additions to the supplicant's structures by default
- Back port set_probe_req_ie driver entry point from 0.6.x. Supplicant
now creates and passes a WPS IE to the driver for inclusion in probe and
(re)association requests
- Correctly handle message parse errors by sending NACK
- Correctly handle M2D by sending ACK
- Check for mis-matched credentials in M8
- Change WPS EAP method to set METHOD_MAY_CONT in order to correctly
handle EAP-Failure messages
- Support open network settings (aka don't use encryption)
- Work around a WPS protocol problem when specifying encryption type
- Modify BSS selection to account for AP/Registrars that don't set the
Selected Registrar element until after a WPS configuration attempt. This
helps with external registrars
- Fixed bug in PIN creation (need zero padding)

With any luck, this will be the last patch against 0.5.10. As always,
you can find the latest patch on SourceForge


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