wpa_supplicant, WPA, PSK, TKIP, and a 104 bits key

Sorin Manolache sorinm
Sun Oct 5 06:01:29 PDT 2008


I came at some friend's home with my Linux laptop. They have a
wireless router using WPA protocol, TKIP group cipher, and PSK
authentication suite. They gave me a 26-char hex (104-bit) string. How
do you configure WPA supplicant to work with this string? To me it
looks like a WEP key, but I'm positive that the protocol is WPA and
not WEP. I'm writing this message from their Windows laptop over their
wireless connection. The properties of the wireless connection, as
shown by Windows, confirm that the connection uses WPA-PSK
authentication with TKIP data encryption. I've asked them how they
configured their network connection and they told me they simply typed
the 26-char string in the password dialog box when requested by

I've tried setting psk=the-26-char-key in wpa_supplicant.conf, it does
not work. I've tried wpa_passphrase ssid the-26-char-key and setting
psk=the-64-char-key-resulted-from-wpa_passphrase but it does not work

Any ideas?


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