How to view WPA server's certificate?

Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn cristian.ionescu-idbohrn
Wed Nov 26 03:59:58 PST 2008

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008, Matt McCutchen wrote:

> I am using wpa_supplicant via NetworkManager to connect to my
> university's WPA Enterprise wireless network.  The wireless server
> certificate is signed by the ThawtePremiumServerCA, which I configured
> as the CA.  I'd like to dump the server certificate to a file so I can
> inspect it.  Is there an easy way to do this?  If not, I might code one
> up to use myself and to offer to the project.

Does this fit the bill?

  # echo | openssl s_client -connect <remote host>:<remote port>

usage: s_client args

 -host host     - use -connect instead
 -port port     - use -connect instead
 -connect host:port - who to connect to (default is localhost:4433)
 -verify depth - turn on peer certificate verification
 -cert arg     - certificate file to use, PEM format assumed
 -certform arg - certificate format (PEM or DER) PEM default
 -key arg      - Private key file to use, in cert file if
                 not specified but cert file is.
 -keyform arg  - key format (PEM or DER) PEM default
 -pass arg     - private key file pass phrase source
 -CApath arg   - PEM format directory of CA's
 -CAfile arg   - PEM format file of CA's
 -reconnect    - Drop and re-make the connection with the same Session-ID
 -pause        - sleep(1) after each read(2) and write(2) system call
 -showcerts    - show all certificates in the chain
 -debug        - extra output
 -msg          - Show protocol messages
 -nbio_test    - more ssl protocol testing
 -state        - print the 'ssl' states
 -nbio         - Run with non-blocking IO
 -crlf         - convert LF from terminal into CRLF
 -quiet        - no s_client output
 -ign_eof      - ignore input eof (default when -quiet)
 -ssl2         - just use SSLv2
 -ssl3         - just use SSLv3
 -tls1         - just use TLSv1
 -dtls1        - just use DTLSv1
 -mtu          - set the MTU
 -no_tls1/-no_ssl3/-no_ssl2 - turn off that protocol
 -bugs         - Switch on all SSL implementation bug workarounds
 -serverpref   - Use server's cipher preferences (only SSLv2)
 -cipher       - preferred cipher to use, use the 'openssl ciphers'
                 command to see what is available
 -starttls prot - use the STARTTLS command before starting TLS
                 for those protocols that support it, where
                 'prot' defines which one to assume.  Currently,
                 only "smtp", "pop3", "imap", and "ftp" are supported.
 -engine id    - Initialise and use the specified engine
 -rand file:file:...
 -sess_out arg - file to write SSL session to
 -sess_in arg  - file to read SSL session from
 -servername host  - Set TLS extension servername in ClientHello
 -tlsextdebug      - hex dump of all TLS extensions received
 -no_ticket        - disable use of RFC4507bis session tickets



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