Hostap 5 + madwifi ? + External MAC Address Auth using Dynamic Vlan (Windows Radius Server)

valdez v. valdez
Thu Nov 20 09:29:03 PST 2008

> > We are working on some Wireless AP firmwares? we are using HostAP 3 and 
> > HostaAP 5 in each one of them.

What exactly are you referring to with "HostAP 3" and "HostAP 5"?


I mean the hostapd version 0.3 and version 0.5 ...
(I'm not very well into the whole history of releases and versions )

> > while for HostAp 5, It finishes in:
> > 
> > .set_sta_vlan = madwifi_set_sta_vlan

Where did you get this "HostAp 5"?


Well, I'm not really sure where is it coming from, I think it's a thirdparty that's got licensing...
I think it is devicescape...?

> > I?d also like to know about the PMKSA caching?what is it for? How does 
> > it work?

It can be used to skip full IEEE 802.1X/EAPOL/EAP authentication when
returning to the same WPA2-Enterprise AP (or with RSN
pre-authentication even when associating with it for the first time if
pre-authentication was used with that AP).


Oh I see... I am seeing that when using external MAC ADDRESS auth with Radius,
instead of "assigning" the dynamic vlan ID to a "sta" structure, it is done
in a "cache" struct... why is that...?

Do we need to have ieee8021x enabled in order to be able to use this kind of 
MAC ADDR authentication process?

Thank your for your time Jouni.

- V?ctor.

-- Jouni Malinen PGP id EFC895FA

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