Hostap 5 + madwifi ? + External MAC Address Auth using Dynamic Vlan (Windows Radius Server)

valdez v. valdez
Wed Nov 19 13:30:57 PST 2008

Hi everyone !

We are working on some Wireless AP firmwares? we are using HostAP 3 and 
HostaAP 5 in each one of them.

In the firmware with HostAP 3, the external MAC Address auth (with 
dynamic VLAN) works correctly;
while in the one that has HostAP 5 I always get IP from the static VLAN 
instead of the dynamic one.

I know that ap_sta_bind_vlan() function takes care of creating the 
dynamic VLAN interfaces and bridges
and binds the Station Client to the specified VLAN ID in the radius message.

I have found the following differences in the code:

For HostAP 3, see that set_sta_vlan finishes in the call:

.set_sta_vlan = i802_set_sta_vlan

while for HostAp 5, It finishes in:

.set_sta_vlan = madwifi_set_sta_vlan

I have also seen that in the code where the dynamic vlan does not work, 
(Host AP 5)
there is no call to ?ap_sta_bind_vlan??

My question is if I am facing some un-implemented feature, or is it that 
I am just getting a BUG?

I?d also like to know about the PMKSA caching?what is it for? How does 
it work?
I have not found anything about that in the net?

By the way, If I set a WLAN that uses Radius Server with Credentials 
authentication in HostAP 5, the dynamic vlan DOES work correctly?

I get the IP coming from the dynamic vlan segment?

Any help?


- V?ctor.

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