LEAP support in Hostapd 0.9.5

Queenie de Melo queenie245
Mon Nov 17 22:55:48 PST 2008

Hi All,

I wanted to confirm if version 0.5.9 of hostapd supports LEAP or not.

Iam running hostapd daemon on my AP having madwifi driver. When I used
hostapd as my authenticator to my raduis server, I see that the Wifi client
displays LEAP option ( but it fails to work)

while if i use another AP, the same Wifi client does not display LEAP

My setup is as below:

wifi client DWL-G122                                   D-link AP
(Windows-XPservice pack 2)  <------------------->DIR-655

 (wpa-enterprise                      (external Radius Server)

In this secanrio i do not get LEAP option in my DWL-G122 Client or DWL-AG132

But in the below scenario,

wifi client DWL-G122                                      Linux AP
(Windows-XPservice pack 2)  <-------------------> madwifi with hostapd
0.5.9   <----------------------->

 (wpa-enterprise                                               (external
Radius Server)

I get LEAP option in my DWL-G122 Client or DWL-AG132 clients

Please confirm if LEAP works with Hostapd 0.5.9. In case it does not work,
then let me know if there is someway i could remove the option from my

Warm regards
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