Clarification of patch-procedure

Dan Williams dcbw
Mon Nov 17 07:40:13 PST 2008

On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 13:48 +0100, Jouke Witteveen wrote:
> Hello,
> Earlier this month I submitted a patch that introduces a new driver:
> RoboSwitch [1]. Currently there has not been any response to this
> work.
> If anything is wrong, or clarification is needed I would like to know
> so. Furthermore I would like to know if anyone is preparing to include
> this patch in the repository.

There's probably nothing wrong with it, but Jouni is fairly busy and may
not have had time to review the patch yet, or may not have had time to
commit it.  Just periodically poke him about the patch (maybe once a
week or so) until he replies with requests for things to change, or
commits it.


> In my original message I noted that compilation against a 2.4 series
> kernel required some modifications of a kernel-header (mii.h). These
> modifications (and more) are now included in the kernel source and can
> be found in versions 2.4.37-rc2 and up.
> The new RoboSwitch driver is related to bug 1862 in OpenWRT [2].
> Any comments to this (or the original) message are welcome.
> Regards,
> - Jouke
> [1]
> [2]
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