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Jouni Malinen j
Mon Nov 10 19:54:19 PST 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 07:57:20AM -0800, Ahmad Ali Tabassam wrote:

> Can anyone specify the access point and protocol dependencies on 802.11r?
> Is 802.11k mandatory for 802.11r? (as 802.11r amendment followed by 802.11k)

No, but it may be helpful (neighbor report).

> Is 802.11f necessary or mandatory for 802.11r? (for PMKR1 distribution from R0KH to R1KHs)

No, 802.11r is likely to use a different AP-to-AP protocol.

> Is there any access point and wireless client that supports 802.11r?.

There are number of preliminary implementations, but I do not know
whether there are released product with 802.11r support.

> And also can anyone specify how to use ath9k for hostapd 0.6.5 and wpa_suppliant 0.6.5 for 802.11r??
> Is wirless-testing git tree provides a full support? or some extra patches?required for access point (AR5416)?
> Is wirless-testing git tree?provides a full support? or some extra patches?required for wirless client (AR5416)?

Most of the needed code should be there, but currently, mac80211
requires couple of patches to allow user mode MLME support for client
mode since it does not yet had support for client side 802.11r
operations. AP side should be there.

I have not tested with the current mac80211 version, so I'm not sure
about the current state. Anyway, I would expect this to work with the
usermode patches from I hope to be
able to run more complete tests in the near future.

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