Why EAPOL packet are sended but never received.

娟 严 iamyanjuan
Wed May 7 21:01:19 PDT 2008

>Indeed, that's odd.. When you mentioned Windows XP being able to
>authenticate with the switch, did you mean that this was with the exact
>same device that does not see the EAPOL frames from the switch in Linux?
>Did you use the same switch port, too?
Yes,?the Windows XP and Linux use the same? NIC card. And I use the same switch port too.
The default authentication tool of Windows XP and wpa_supplicant for windows?can ?both work successfully.
And My linux kernal version is 2.6.18-1.2789.fc6xen.Is it possible the problem of linux?

>If the switch is indeed sending the EAPOL frames and you cannot see them
>in Wireshark, this sounds like a more lower layer issue and I don't
>think it is directly related to wpa_supplicant. Would you happen to have
>any other Linux device that you could test with the switch? I would
>expect the switch to start authentication immediately based on link up
>notification and the used OS in the client should not really matter much
>for that. I don't know what the driver does as far as multicast groups
>and promiscuous mode is concerned, but RTL8139 is common enough card
>that I would not expect the driver to have this type of problems without
>someone having noticed it before.

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