[PATCH] enhanced smartcard support

David Smith dds
Thu May 1 09:36:06 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I've attached three patches to extend the existing smartcard support to handle 
client certificates and CA certificates as well as EAP-TLS phase2 auth. I've 
added the following ssid configuration variables to wpasupplicant for this:

 cert_id, ca_cert_id, key2_id, cert2_id, and ca_cert2_id

I'm looking for people to help test this. At the current time, it relies on 
the LOAD_CERT_CTRL extension provided by the PKCS#11 OpenSSL engine from the 
OpenSC project. If any other OpenSSL engines support a similar extension, 
inform me and I'll support for them. But since the PKCS#11 engine is probably 
by far the most used one with wpasupplicant, I think this is a good start.

Again, this code should definitely be tested more before it is ready for 
merging but please give it a read and a try.

man perl | tail -6 | head -2
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