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ali asin ali.asin
Wed Jun 18 09:50:01 PDT 2008

Hi all,
(excuse me for this kind of OT post, I think it may be of your interest)

There is a new Mesh Networks Research Group (
which is looking for researchers and developers who want to investigate
using the Libelium mote and mesh router platforms ( This
group is a link between people with heterogeneous research interests for
getting the most of wireless mesh networks improvements.

All the members of this group are concerned about the importance of open
source projects when sharing and spreading knowledge. The open source
concept applies to use open routing protocols for ensuring interoperability
among networks and open monitoring and test platforms. On one hand, this
kind of projects make it possible to join people from all over the world
working together and making faster developments due to the use of a common
platform. On the other hand, open source philosophy makes technology
affordable for developing countries. Thus, people who has ideas but no
resources can also research and contribute to the Community.

More info about the activities, research group and lines:

Finally, it also exists the symmetric group for wireless sensor networks:

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