wpa supplicant fails 4-way handshake

Jouni Malinen j
Tue Jun 17 22:33:35 PDT 2008

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 04:52:08PM -0700, Ken Koster wrote:

> Immediately after the access points have been powered up I have no trouble
> connecting and authenticating.  However within a period of 1-7 days both my 
> Linux laptop (Thinkpad T60p with Intel 3945 chipset) and my Nokia N-800 will
> suddenly no longer be able to connect while my co-workers Dell laptops 
> running windows connect just fine.  Our IT guy says 'hey it works for windows
> so it must be Linux' and I'm stuck waiting for the access points to be reset
> so I can get back on for a couple of days.

Do you know the model of the APs? The OUI from the MAC address seemed to
point towards Cisco/Linksys, but I would like to know whether they are
Cisco 1100/1200 series access points or something from Linksys.

Nokia N800 does not use wpa_supplicant, so this does not sound like an
issue that would be specific to wpa_supplicant. The comment from the IT
guy sounds like this may be a difficult request, but it would be
interesting to get debug information from the APs to show why they are
rejecting the 4-way handshake (well, at least I'm assuming it is the AP
rejecting it at this point). If the APs are Cisco 1200 series devices,
it should be possible to get quite verbose debug information to
indicate what exactly is happening here.

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