wpa_supplicant not working on a new system

N. Peguiron nicolas.peguiron
Thu Feb 28 10:59:49 PST 2008

Hello !

I am using wpa_supplicant (0.5.8) over ndiswrapper (1.48) with a Netgear
WG511v2 PCMCIA card (Marvell Libertas chipset); proto RSN, key_mgmt
WPA-PSK. Nice work, indeed !

This was working rather fine on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 8100; Linux
LFS, kernel

Now I have installed a new OS version based on kernel 2.6.24, but
impossible to get the above configuration working on this new system. Of
course, I have double-checked the kernel configuration and all theses
related things.

A look on the debug messages shows that the 4-way handhake process runs
OK; wpa_supplicant continues with the group handshake, but the AP
respawns the 4-way handshake up to 6 times and then blacklists this
client for a couple of hours. It looks like wpa_supplicant acknowledges
the 4-way handshake, but the AP do not recognize this acknowledge. Same
result with wpa_supplicant 0.5.9 and 0.5.10, and ndiswrapper up to 1.52.

After several weeks of struggling, I added a small delay before freeing
the variable msg in the procedure wpa_eapol_key_send (wpa.c, lines 941
to 968) :
>     wpa_sm_ether_send(sm, dest, proto, msg, msg_len);
>     eapol_sm_notify_tx_eapol_key(sm->eapol);
+++ os_sleep(0,100000);
>     os_free(msg);
and this solved the issue.

Of course, this is a shot in the dark; I have no skills to understand
what is going wrong and what I have done.

I don't ask for help now I have found a workaround; I'm just reporting
this to provide some feedback and perhaps to get an authorized input.

Any advice ?

Best regards.
N. Peguiron / 2454525.28489

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