help urgently needed!

branen salmon techlist
Sat Feb 23 20:45:30 PST 2008

Hi, Sven (and everyone else)--

> Using TKIP, it seems to work at first, [as] with no encryption, 
> but after a few calls (udp connections), it is the same as with 
 > CCMP. Mobile clients can reach the net without problems, but the
 > wireless clients are not reachable through the AP.
> And finally the weirdest: as long as call is actively transmitting
> (active UDP connection), the mobile client is fully reachable! with no
> ping loss at all, no matter what encryption is used! But, it vanishes
> instantly when the call ends.

I've noticed the same behavior [1] with the Nokia N810 and Nokia E70.  I 
never notice any errors in logs on either side (hostapd or the N810's 
dmesg), and it appears that the client never loses the association--as 
soon as I stop hostapd, the client reflects the de-association.  I have 
no problems with my crappy D-Link access point using WPA2.

Alas, I don't know enough about the viscera of WiFi to even know where 
to start, but with a little guidance, I'd be glad to dig into this problem.




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