No higher priority for WPA

Stefan Monnier monnier
Wed Feb 20 19:50:47 PST 2008

>> OTOH I don't want to put the open hotspot on a higher priority.
>> Basically, I want wpa-supplicant to try whichever of the two networks
>> has the best signal.  Any idea?

> The current version does not support this since it has a hardcoded
> preference for secure networks over open ones regardless of the signal
> strength. It would be possible to modify this by changes
> wpa_supplicant_select_bss() function to select the network in one pass
> instead of first WPA-enabled and only after that non-WPA networks.

I'd be happy with a global "don't prefer secure networks" setting.

> In general, I'm not sure I would like to do this, though.. Obviously the
> case you mentioned is not ideal and it would be better to use the open
> network if it is clear that the WPA network does not have strong enough
> signal to be of any use. However, that is not trivial thing to figure
> out in a generic way. Some kind of point system that uses combination of
> network security and signal strength to figure out the best choice could
> be nice here..

Yes, that would be even better, although I personally don't actually
prefer "secure" networks anyway.


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