No higher priority for WPA

Stefan Monnier monnier
Wed Feb 20 18:01:30 PST 2008

I have the following problem: a caf? near my office has a free hotspot
that works just fine, but it's sufficiently close that wpa-supplicant
thinks it can reach my office's network instead.

This is presumably because my office's network uses WPA-EAP and
wpa-supplicant gives precedence to WPA networks.

The worst part is that the signal is actually not good enough to really
connect to my office's network: wpa-supplicant occasionally manages to
do some part of the authentication, but rarely completes it and when it
does complete it, the subsequent DHCP request fails anyway.

OTOH I don't want to put the open hotspot on a higher priority.
Basically, I want wpa-supplicant to try whichever of the two networks
has the best signal.  Any idea?


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