WPA2 doesn't work with Nokia N810 (Conexant CX3110X)

branen salmon techlist
Mon Feb 18 13:21:46 PST 2008

Hi, folks--

I've been having some trouble using WPA2-PSK between my hostapd server 
(with an Atheros chipset) and a Nokia N810 client (using the Conexant 
CX3110X).  The client will associate with the AP just fine, rekeys 
periodically as expected, and immediately registers the de-association 
when I shut down hostapd.  Occasionally, I'll even be able to transfer 
data over the link for a few minutes after the initial association, but
shortly thereafter, said data start disappearing into the void.  The 
association is never lost, hostapd's logs show no errors, and the client 
will still de-associate immediately if I shut down hostapd--I just can't 
push a payload through the link.

I've noticed the problem with the Nokia N810 (running Maemo Linux and 
using the CX3110X) and with the Nokia E70 (running Symbian and using an 
unknown wifi chipset).  I've definitely not had the problem with any of 
my other clients, all of which are running Debian and using Atheros 
chipsets.  The problem is definitely related to the encryption--if I set 
up a second, unencrypted AP interface on the same Atheros card, then I 
can use the unencrypted AP without trouble.

I realize that this may not be enough information to really 
troubleshoot, but I'm not sure what the next step in my information 
gathering should be.  Any help would be most appreciated!



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