Issues in 0.6.2

Alan DeKok aland
Sat Feb 9 01:07:48 PST 2008

  Building on a 64-bit machine, I get some errors.  The following is a
bit of a hacked description (sorry).

/src/rsn_supp/peerkey.c:875  warning: array subscript is above array bounds

  tk1 is only 16 bytes long, so the later 2 memcpy's "accidentally" use
tk2 for the key, rather than explicitly using it.  The following change
seems to work:

          _key = (u8 *) peerkey->stk.tk1;
        if (peerkey->cipher == WPA_CIPHER_TKIP) {
                /* Swap Tx/Rx keys for Michael MIC */
                os_memcpy(key_buf, _key, 16);
                _key = (u8 *) peerkey->stk.u.tk2;
                os_memcpy(key_buf + 16, _key + 8, 8);
                os_memcpy(key_buf + 24, _key, 8);

  Similar errors are in:

../src/rsn_supp/wpa_ie.c:196: warning: array subscript is above array bounds

  ... at which point I didn't have more time trying to track down what's
going on.

  SSH access to the machine is available, if it helps.

  Alan DeKok.

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