Massive verbose output at system log stolz
Mon Feb 4 09:42:58 PST 2008

------ On Mon, Feb 04, 2008, Jouni Malinen wrote: ------
> Why do you think that these are from wpa_supplicant? They
are not..
> That looks like a debug print from net/mac80211 (i.e., Linux
kernel). It
> is printed at debug level, so it sounds like you're system
is configured
> to log all debug information into /var/log/messages. Anyway,
that debug
> print could be removed from mac80211 since it is not really that
> important information in most cases.

Thanks for your answer Jouni.

I supposed the reason was wpa_supplicant because I used grep
to look into the code of wpa_supplicant and iwlwifi (my wifi
driver) and the only result comes from wpa_supplicant:
$ grep -r -A3 ": WMM queue=" wpa_supplicant-0.5.8/ iwlwifi-1.2.23/
wpa_supplicant-0.5.8/mlme.c:            wpa_printf(MSG_DEBUG,
"MLME: WMM queue=%d aci=%d acm=%d "
wpa_supplicant-0.5.8/mlme.c-                       "aifs=%d
cWmin=%d cWmax=%d burst=%d",
wpa_supplicant-0.5.8/mlme.c-                       queue, aci,
acm, params.aifs, params.cw_min,
params.cw_max, params.burst_time);

As I got a result, I didn't think looking into the kernel's
code. Now, after your answer I've tried it and I get: 
$ grep -r  ": WMM queue=" /usr/src/linux/
printk(KERN_DEBUG "%s: WMM queue=%d aci=%d acm=%d aifs=%d "

So it must be the reason I get these messages.

Probably this mail list is not the best place to look for help
but, what I don't understand is, if it is a debug information
of net/mac80211 and I have disabled debugging, why it gets logged?
$ grep MAC80211_DEBUG /usr/src/linux/.config
# CONFIG_MAC80211_DEBUG is not set

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