[hostapd] Heng from Malaysia

Heng Fook Yau fy_heng
Mon Feb 4 06:48:02 PST 2008


I am Paris Heng from Malaysia. I saw  your website on regards on hostapd, I here to ask for assistant. I installed the  hostapd-0.5.5 in Linux. 

I  encountered 3 problems, hope you can help me.

Problems 1:
I can't find  /etc/init.d/hostapd after i make install. How i going to start the hostapd  daemon?

See post: 

Problems  2:
Which of the following in .config file is  correct? The (1) or (2)?
My driver path is  /usr/src/madwifi-

(1) CFLAGS += -I/usr/src/madwifi-
(2) CFLAGS += -I../usr/src/madwifi-

Problems 3:
How to use  the hostapd command? Example, I want to start the daemon background, $hostapd -B  <configuration file(s)>.
What should I type for the file name?  

usage: hostapd [-hdBKtv] [-P <PID  file>] <configuration file(s)>

**Problems post in  Ubuntu Forum so far:


Hope you will see through my problems and assist me. Thank  you.

Paris Heng
Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

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