Is there any inter-operating tests experience with "BridgeWater Systems's AAA Server"?

Macpaul Lin macpaul
Mon Feb 4 01:28:50 PST 2008

Hi all,

I've used wpa-supplicant-0.5.7 to test EAP-TTLS/TLS with AAA Server
which developed by "BridgeWater Systems".
The NIC interface were WiFi/WiMAX adapters..

EAP-TTLS authentication were successed smoothly during the testing.
However, EAP-TLS always failed right away when "Client CA" and "Change
cipher spec option" were sent by Auth client .

AAA server (Bridgewater Systems's solution) will show log on its own
terminal "decrypt error". Then AAA server will response Auth Complete
EAP packet with "Error code" then close the EAP connections.
But EAP-TLS were tested succsessfully with FreeRadius Server.
If there is anybody have a similar experience and suggestion will very
helpful for my IOT testing.

The other possilbility I guess might be the problem of openssl
(openssl-0.9.8e) problem.
But when I upgrade to the newest openssl (ver 0.9.8g) the same problem
occur again.

Other company whom wrote their own supplicant with (openssl-0.9.8e)
were all fine. Their close-source supplicant has been connected
successfully with "Bridgewater Systems" solution.

I've logged EAP-TLS handshaking messages.
I don't know if there is anybody could help on this issue? Thanks.

Best regards,
Macpaul Lin

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