variable flen in *_rsa_priv_enc

Carolin Latze carolin.latze
Fri Feb 1 07:41:12 PST 2008

Hi everybody,

I am still working on the integration of the TPM into wpa_supplicant. At
the moment, I am wondering, why flen in the *_rsa_priv_enc is always 36
(at least in my scenario). From what I see in cryptoapi_rsa_priv_enc in
tls_openssl.c, wpa_supplicant also expects it to be 36 as this is 16
(MD5) + 20 (SHA-1), but why? I need an SHA-1 hash to sign using the TPM.
So is it just misconfiguration on my side or do I have to take the last
20 bytes of that long hash? Does anybody have any ideas what going wrong
with my setup (I do not include source code in this mail, since I think
this is just a logical problem. Am I wrong?)? I would be happy about
every hint you can give me.


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