Catching wpa_supplicant events

Nicola Guerrini frukost
Fri Dec 19 07:17:33 PST 2008

Hi to all!
I'm writing an application that, in a similar way that wpa_cli does,
connects to the wpa_supplicant deamon and lets the user to configure and
manage wireless connections.

I'm a little bit confused about unsolicited messages raised by
wpa_supplicant. What I see is that not all the events that wpa_supplicant
should raise are raised.
The only events I can catch are the following:


But, as seen in wpa_ctrl.h and in some log files around internet and in many
mailing-lists, wpa_supplicant should notify also (and some others that I
don't care):


What I'm doing wrong? Am I missing some sort of parameters in the
configuration files?

Thank you

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