Asymmetric encryption

Damien Leroy damien.leroy
Thu Dec 18 06:35:16 PST 2008

For a research project, we are developing and implementing a new EAP 
method in hostap.
For this, I need asymmetric encryption (for both signing and encrypting) 
, e.g., RSA. Such operations are available within crypto_internal. For 
importing public keys, I can use "crypto_public_key_import" that calls 
crypto_rsa_import_public_key (in src/tls/rsa.*) that is supposed to 
import "DER" keys.
However, if I try to open a DER key file (created using OpenSSL), this 
always stops on the same error : "RSA: Expected INTEGER - found class 0 
tag 0x10".
It seems to be a format error in the key but I really think the key is ok.

(this import function seems to be only used inside TLS and not to parse 
a DER file key)

Has anyone already used this function to open key files and use RSA ?

Damien Leroy
Computer Science & Engineering Dept. (INGI)
UCLouvain - Belgium 

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