32bit wpa_supplicant with an amd64 kernel

Stefan Monnier monnier
Tue Dec 16 08:30:57 PST 2008

My wpa_supplicant refuses to work with my 32bit userspace Debian
testing, when running on a 64bit kernel.

Everything else seems to work fine, but wpa_supplicant misbehaves.
More specifically, it does start but fails to associate.  If I ask
"wpa_cli scan_results" I see that it sees all the local networks, except
that it gets their data wrong.

E.g. instead of seeing a WPA network with an AP's hwaddr of
00:14:6C:D5:59:9C, it sees a WEP network with a hwaddr of

If it matters my WLAN card is a dongle using the rt73usb driver, running
Debian's own 2.6.26 kernel.


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