rt2x00 driver

Gábor Molnár csirkus
Wed Dec 10 02:18:42 PST 2008


I have a rt73-baseb usb dongle, and i want to use it in master mode,
so i downloaded and compiled the latest rt2x00 kernel source from git,
and compiled it succesfully. HostAPd seems to work correctly at first
sight, sends out beacons, and the client can associate as well. But
when the client is associated, the hostapd log says, that "wlan1: STA
00:14:a5:29:e0:98 IEEE 802.11: did not acknowledge association
response", and after that, when the client tries to send packages, the
hostapd forces it to reassociate.

The hostapd part of the story
There was a thread earlier in connection with this problem:
http://readlist.com/lists/shmoo.com/hostap/1/5106.html. The case is
that the driver doesnt ackowledge the association response.

The rt2x00 part of the story
I found a thread in the rt2x00 mailing list, in connection with this:
(the discussion is about 3 different patch, the first one is the
important part, but in the end, the patch wasn't accepted) and another
thread in their forums:
. They say, that "there is simply no way to tell if the frame was
successfully send or not". So, the driver cannot acknowledge this, and
they say, that handling this situation is the responsibility of

Now everybody says that this is the responsibility of the other one.
Now you can see the situation clear. What do you think about this


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